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Welcome to Sylvia P Teamwear, home to a collective of dreamers, creators, and makers who believe in the power of design to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Founded by our original trailblazer, Sylvia Pichler in 1994. Equipped with her Austrian design heritage, her determination and a mission to do things differently, the business grew from humble beginnings in a small garage factory with a total staff of one and a word-of-mouth following, to a world-class design and manufacturing house that leads the industry, showcasing our design intelligence and cultivating a creative team of artisans.

Sylvia P Teamwear is a multi-generational family affair with deep roots in the gymnastics community. Over the years, Sylvia’s children transformed from competing in competitive gymnastics at an elite level, transitioning to coaching gymnastics, to now – working across key departments within the business, setting their children up with a world-leading legacy. Having competed competitively, that gives our brand the knowledge and trust to understanding the fit and functionality of teamwear garments. Ensuring that every aspect is considered, from the design sketch, to the fabric combinations, to the colours, to how the garment is made.

To this day, Sylvia P Teamwear is owned and run by the family matriarch whose appetite for artisanal craftmanship paired with her desire to create a future for her family has grown into a legacy. For over 30 years, our family-owned brand has dedicated itself to mastering the art of competitive gymnastics teamwear, creating iconic garments that empower and celebrate gymnasts around the globe. From our Queensland, Australia headquarters, we infuse every piece with unparalleled elegance, innovation—and a liberal sprinkle of that irreplaceable Sylvia P Teamwear touch.

Sylvia P Teamwear is renowned for elegance, creativity and being masters of innovation. Our team are endlessly crafting to ensure every design is unlike any other, honouring the brand’s heritage and forever evolving. As a brand we are on a mission to empower athletes of all levels, by offering a look and a feeling that is Like No Other. Continuing to innovate and lead with elegance, we invite you to experience the Sylvia P Teamwear difference—one that is truly #LikeNoOther.