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2024/25 Competition Catalogue

Behind The Photoshoot

Every year we travel as a team to find the finest locations to shoot our lookbook. Wanting the photoshoot to look and feel world-class, our approach hasalways been different. Being different is what makes us beautiful, makes us a one-of-a-kind brand, and makes us fascinating to watch for our community.We love to embrace and celebrate that uniqueness—and our yearly photoshoot is the showcase.


It all started with just one idea – a parachute, a balance beam and a vast desert landscape. To set the scene—our team took a road trip to a magnificent and ethereal location, way out west of the Californian skyline, to a dusty desert nestled behind a low-set mountain range.


With the earth cracked dry, flat as the horizon, the air temperature crisp and cool like a winter frost—this is where our campaign came to life. Chasing a sense of elevation, the concept was to showcase a gymnast’s athletic strength, grace and determination, the campaign needed to feel high-fashion, couture and elegant. All set to this vast desert landscape.


After months of meticulous planning and scheduling, sourcing models, props, locations and handcrafting our collection— our skilled back-stage crew took to executing the vision alongside our team of creatives. We flew in the parachutes from Australia, trucked vintage gymnastics apparatus in from middle America, and had the timber backdrop custom-made. With the props set, our world-class models took to the stage, showcasing their strength, skill, and sophistication—all while wearing our glittering creations.

It was a day that started early in the daylight hours and wrapped late at last light. The result? A day #LikeNoOther.

Thank you to our team. The vision goes beyond our expectations.

Thirty years in the making—The Time is Now.