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Fabric Options

Every Sylvia P Teamwear garment is created with the highest quality materials to reflect our exceptionally high standards. We use only the world’s finest fabrics. Experience rich colours and a soft, delicate feel with all the functionality required for peak performance. It is important to know there is always risk of colours fading, bleeding or pilling when it comes to delicate fabrics. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right fabrics for you:

  • Matt Lycra is the most resilient fabric and incurs the least amount of fading.
  • Mesh, Fog Mesh & Mystique Lycra are sensitive fabrics and with repeated wear and washing may fade. Areas where crystals have been applied may also dull slightly due to heat application.
  • Use discretion combining light and dark colours in your design. Colour transfer may occur weven when wahsing instructions hav been followed correctly. We will not be liable if colour bleed occurs.
  • Sublimated fabrics are prone to pilling when it comes in contact with rough surfaces. Take extra care when handling this fabric. We will not be liable if pilling occurs.

Dyed Matt

Dyed Matt White

Dyed Matt New Sunshine

Dyed Matt New Gold

Dyed Matt Mandarin

Dyed Matt Venetian Red

Dyed Matt Sporting Red

Dyed Matt Hollywood

Dyed Matt Shocking Pink

Dyed Matt Energize

Dyed Matt Neon Coral

Dyed Matt Pony

Dyed Matt Reflexion

Dyed Matt Lavender

Dyed Matt Bright Violet

Dyed Matt Ultra Violet

Dyed Matt Illusion

Dyed Matt Merlot

Dyed Matt Wine

Dyed Matt Crystal

Dyed Matt Aquamarine

Dyed Matt Ultra Marine

Dyed Matt Electric Blue

Dyed Matt Dark Royal

Dyed Matt Belize

Dyed Matt Navy

Dyed Matt Ocean

Dyed Matt Lagoon

Dyed Matt Spring Green

Dyed Matt Caribbean

Dyed Matt Malta

Dyed Matt Acid Green

Dyed Matt Cloud

Dyed Matt Slate

Dyed Matt Black


Dyed Mystique White Pearl

Dyed Mystique Silver White

Dyed Mystique Yellow

Dyed Mystique Gold

Dyed Mystique Orange Gold

Dyed Mystique Red

Dyed Mystique Bubblegum

Dyed Mystique Boysenberry

Dyed Mystique Hot Pink

Dyed Mystique Shocking Pink

Dyed Mystique Fuchsia

Dyed Mystique Pink Fluro Orange

Dyed Mystique Lavender

Dyed Mystique Plum

Dyed Mystique Purple

Dyed Mystique Rose Gold

Dyed Mystique Maroon

Dyed Mystique Baby Blue

Dyed Mystique Hawaiian Blue

Dyed Mystique Aqua

Dyed Mystique Grape

Dyed Mystique Royal

Dyed Mystique Royal Navy

Dyed Mystique Navy

Dyed Mystique Ocean

Dyed Mystique Amazon

Dyed Mystique Seaweed

Dyed Mystique Jade

Dyed Mystique Hawaiian Mint

Dyed Mystique Lime Green

Dyed Mystique Emerald Green

Dyed Mystique Gunmetal

Dyed Mystique Deep Sea

Dyed Mystique Black


Dyed Mesh White

Dyed Mesh Light Nude

Dyed Mesh Mid Nude

Dyed Mesh Deep Nude

Dyed Mesh Illusion

Dyed Mesh Hot Pink

Dyed Mesh Energize

Dyed Mesh Magenta

Dyed Mesh Red

Dyed Mesh Maroon

Dyed Mesh Purple

Dyed Mesh Berry

Dyed Mesh Wine

Dyed Mesh Crystal

Dyed Mesh Aqua

Dyed Mesh Royal

Dyed Mesh Amazon

Dyed Mesh Teal

Dyed Mesh Navy

Dyed Mesh Titanium

Dyed Mesh Black

Diamond Mesh

Dyed Diamond Mesh White

Dyed Diamond Mesh Black

Fog Mesh

Dyed Fog Mesh Silver White

Dyed Fog Mesh Lavender

Dyed Fog Mesh Rose Gold

Dyed Fog Mesh Boysenberry

Dyed Fog Mesh Spring Green

Dyed Fog Mesh Jewel

Dyed Fog Mesh Ocean

Dyed Fog Mesh Deep Sea

Dyed Fog Mesh Black

Wet Look

Dyed Wetlook Black

Dyed Wetlook Graphite

Dyed Wetlook Navy

Dyed Wetlook Dark Royal

Dyed Wetlook Ocean

Dyed Wetlook Wine

Dyed Wetlook Red

Dyed Wetlook Energize

Sublimation: Printed Matt & Mesh

Printed Matt White

Printed Matt Light Nude

Printed Matt Mid Nude

Printed Matt Deep Nude

Printed Matt New Sunshine

Printed Matt Light Peach

Printed Matt Coral

Printed Matt Neon Coral

Printed Matt Nectarine

Printed Matt Mandarin

Printed Matt Red

Printed Matt Light Pink

Printed Matt Bubblegum

Printed Matt Hot Pink

Printed Matt Fuchsia

Printed Matt Lavendar

Printed Matt Violet

Printed Matt Purple

Printed Matt Pony

Printed Matt Reflexion

Printed Matt Lilac

Printed Matt Blush

Printed Matt Rose Gold

Printed Matt Opulent

Printed Matt Merlot

Printed Matt Plum

Printed Matt Wine

Printed Matt Crystal

Printed Matt Aqua

Printed Matt Sky Blue

Printed Matt Ultra Marine

Printed Matt Royal

Printed Matt Belize

Printed Matt Navy

Printed Matt Ocean

Printed Matt Deep Sea

Printed Matt Mint

Printed Matt Spring Green

Printed Matt Teal

Printed Matt Deep Teal

Printed Matt Lagoon

Printed Matt Pear

Printed Matt Lime Green

Printed Matt Leaf Green

Printed Matt Emerald Green

Printed Matt Pale Grey

Printed Matt Light Grey

Printed Matt Slate Grey