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Article: Shilese × Sylvia P | Elegance & Finesse

Shilese × Sylvia P | Elegance & Finesse

Shilese JonesWhile gymnastics can be a sport of strength, precision and power, it’s also one of grace, elegance and beauty.

Shilese’s debut collection embraces this elegant and artistic side of gymnastics: the motion, the minimalism—and the fierceness—with a range of leotards that speak to who Shilese is.

We chat with Shilese about her new collection, where she’s come from, and where she’s heading next. Read on for more!

In your own words, tell us a bit about your latest Shilese × Sylvia P collection.
My Sylvia P collection shows the authentic soft side of gymnastics. I wanted to create a line showcasing the elongation of the beautiful pastel colours, and I wanted to pair those soft colours with fun different styles. 
How would you sum up your collection in one sentence?
My collection line is very elegant and shows the movement of artistic gymnastics.
What was the inspiration behind this collection?
My inspiration behind this line was to show the artistic and elegant side of my gymnastics. Gymnastics isn’t just about powering through, there’s also a beautiful long movement in every skill. 
What’s the key message you want to share with this collection?
I want to inspire gymnasts to be themselves showcasing their beautiful lines.
Why is this an important message to share?
It’s important because every gymnast has something elegant about themselves. They just have to have confidence in themselves so they could showcase that in their gymnastics.
In your own words, tell us something you love most about each of your leotards:
Art Of Movement Leotard - I love the skinny tank straps with the fun sequences.

Daydream Leotard - I love the different colour blues with the fancy back details.

Inspired Leotard - I love soft purple watercolours and pops of white combined with the cross-over neckline and straps.

Stellar Leotard - I love the sleek all-black look with the halter neck.
What inspirational quote or saying do you live by?
“The hard days are your best because that’s when champions are made” – Gabby Douglas
What are your top three tips for embracing your own confidence and strength?
1. Set goals for yourself.
2. Acknowledge your personal strengths and talents, and remind yourself of them often.
3. Practice positive self-talk.
What is your favourite part about Gymnastics?
I love challenging myself and pushing myself to be the best “Shilese Jones “ I can possibly be. I also love travelling the world to compete for Team USA.
You’re known for your classic black leotards in the Gymnastics world. Do your training and competition leotards impact your confidence when training and competing? If so, how?
Not only do I love training in a black leotard but competing in a SP black leotard brings me all the confidence. There’s no better feeling than being in a sleek, elegant sparkly black leotard.
Gymnastics as an art of motion has really changed over the last year. How do you think you as a gymnast have changed and evolved with the sport?
I feel I have evolved tremendously and over the last year I have become more confident in myself in gymnastics. I have also become more consistent with my training.
What’s a final message you’d like to leave with our SP girls?
Believe and trust in yourself. Anything is possible!
And lastly, what’s coming up for Shilese Jones in the next few months?
I have nationals coming up here soon. Then hoping to make my second worlds team!

Shilese × Sylvia PFeel elegant AND powerful in the latest Shilese × Sylvia P Collection, available exclusively online and live NOW.

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