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Article: Riley × Sylvia P | #3 Tips for Kindness

Riley × Sylvia P | #3 Tips for Kindness

We couldn’t pass up sharing some advice from the kindness champion, herself! Riley McCusker shares her top tips for spreading kindness to yourself and others, and being a more supportive teammate in the gym.

1. Be kind to yourself

That can mean taking a mental health day, going to get your nails done, or not being so hard on yourself when you mess up in practice or competition. Being kind to yourself also means being patient.

Gymnastics is hard, sometimes, it will take you a little longer to learn a skill than your teammate. Don’t compare but instead be proud that you are doing the very best YOU can do! That is all that matters! 

2. Express gratitude

Taking a second to acknowledge what you’re grateful for can be an amazing way of expressing kindness to yourself and others. I personally keep a gratitude journal.

3. Encourage and help out others

Helping out and encouraging those around you is a kind way to show you care. By doing this, you are influencing an atmosphere of kindness.

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