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Article: Riley × Sylvia P | Spread Kindness

Riley × Sylvia P | Spread Kindness

Riley is back! Following her sell-out debut leotard collection, her second Sylvia P collaboration will definitely be another fan-fave—from an exclusive new rainbow print you’ve ALL been asking for, to even more Riley-red boldness.

Capturing our hearts, Riley’s collection is inspired by her mission to spread kindness to all. Each leotard tells its own story of kindness.
“My ideas were created with the intention of creating a community of inclusion. I wanted each gymnast to see a piece of themselves in the designs and draw strength from the overall meaning of this collection, which is kindness” — Riley

There is a power in kindness and Riley wants SP girls to know it! Kindness is so much more than being polite or giving gifts. It’s about listening to others and what they have to say. It’s helping others—no strings attached. It’s treating others how you’d like to be treated. It’s letting someone know they matter. It’s also about being kind to yourself, loving yourself as you are, and celebrating your wins no matter how big or small. 

“Through the process of designing this collection, I was able to creatively express and embody what kindness means to me. I hope to inspire the younger gymnasts to consider what kindness may look like from their perspective.” — Riley

Kindness is being proud of yourself, so we’re bringing it back to Riley’s stand out red with the Proudest Moment Leotard. We’ve made it extra sparkly with a red-mirror sequin motif trickling down from an innovative high-neck line (no clasps!).

The Kindness & Equality Leotard represents compassion, empathy and treating others how you want to be treated. The print is a beautiful combination of watercolour tones with delicate floral and butterfly linework representing different people and places. The cut outs add some extra fun-flare. 

The Overcoming Leotard is a visual representation of being kind to yourself—even through the hard times. In a never-before-seen SP colourway, this leotard is decorated in mint and green tones evoking peace and tranquility. This print has soft leaf work, dainty lines and smatterings of gold glitter touches—it’s Riley’s reminder that everything it going to be okay! 

Meet the Acceptance Leotard—the rainbow leo you’ve all been waiting for, in classic SP style! This design is all about feeling free to let your true colours shine, staying bold, bright and positive. The print says it all, with a melting vibrant rainbow cascading down and around the body. White dual straps create a cute, strappy back.

To spread even more kindness, each Acceptance Leotard will receive a free matching Pride Bow in donation to Megan Skaggs’ Tiny Bow Project—a charity born in Skaggs’ fifth and final year as a Florida Gator gymnast benefitting 10 different causes with 10 tiny bows.   

"I saw first-hand the passion and kindness Skaggs poured into this charity, her goal was to help those who needed a little kindness, encouragement, and love in their lives. I am honored to be a part of a platform where the Tiny Bow Project can continue to shine and spread kindness to others.” — Riley

Shop the new Riley × Sylvia P collection here. Limited edition styles.

Available exclusively online at and

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