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Article: Riley × Sylvia P | Behind the Leos

Riley × Sylvia P | Behind the Leos

Riley × Sylvia P CollectionMuch like the city that inspired it, this collection is a celebration of all things summer. We sat down with the radiant gymnast, Riley McCusker from sunny Florida, to get an insider's look at the Riley × Sylvia P Collection.

Riley dives deep into the inspirations and messages in her dynamic new collection. She shares her love for each of the designs, spills some of her favourite summer memories, and opens up about her inspirations—both in design and life. Read on for more!

What was the inspiration behind this collection?
For this Riley x SP Collection I really wanted to create a line of leotards that would be sure to brighten up someone’s day. The vivacious colours and patterns are inspired by Florida’s unique biodiversity and tropical vibes.
What’s the key message you want to share with this collection?
The key message I wanted to share with this collection is portrayed through the vibrant colours found throughout the leos. Through this collection I wanted to share the message that each and every one of you are incredible and deserves to stand out and shine in your own bright and bold way.
Why is this an important message to share?
This message is important to share to let athletes know that being true to themselves whether it’s through their actions, words, or style is so powerful. The lively designs seen in this collection are a way athletes can express their inner beautiful selves.
In your own words, tell us something you love most about each of your leotards:
Palm Beach Leotard - This leo embodies classic Florida vibes with the palm tree sunset layout and the crisscrossing cut-out back that resembles the trunk of a palm tree.
Under The Sea Leotard - The ocean and beach are some of my go-to places to visit when I have a break in my busy schedule. The marine and wildlife in Florida is incredible and I really tried to bring that out in this leotard. Also, dolphins have always been one of my favourite animals because of their joyful, intelligent, and playful nature.
Orange State Of Mind Leotard - The word that comes to my mind when I see this leo is groovy. The combination of bright swirling colours with the incorporation of Florida orange slices and blossoms is a beautiful juxtaposition of design.
Flamingo Leotard - The flamingo leo is one of my favourites out of this collection! The bright hot pink colour is exuberantly vibrant and the back is so elegant!
This collection is inspired by Summer and Florida. What’s your favourite summer memory and why?
My favorite summer memories are from when I was at the beach with my family. Growing up, we went on a beach vacation every year.
You’ve been an inspirational role model for our SP girls. So who inspires you? And why?
My biggest inspiration is my Mom. She works so hard and is constantly learning and growing. She is seriously the most caring, passionate, and creative person I know. My Mom inspires me every day.
This is now your fourth (4th!) collection with Sylvia P—what are some highlights over the last few years with Sylvia P?
A few highlights that stand out in my mind are…

Being able to use my creativity and see it come to life in gorgeous leotards. That part of working with SP has been a surreal experience.

Working to raise awareness and donate towards many great causes through my leotards such as the Tiny Bow Project, The Hidden Opponent, and hurricane relief!

Being able to put my heart into the leotards and the messages behind each collection and giving athletes a chance to express themselves and the messages they resonate with.
What’s a final message you’d like to leave with our SP girls?
I would love for any athlete to remember that they are all beautiful in their own way and to really take a second and appreciate the journey they are on in their athletic careers.

Gymnastics is such a difficult and demanding sport both physically and mentally and it’s easy to get caught up in that part of it, but taking a step back to enjoy the process and think about how cool it is to be a gymnast is so important. Give yourself grace, you are incredible.
And lastly, what’s coming up for Riley McCusker in the next few months?
Over the next few months, I am training as a full-time student-athlete. I just started the Fall semester of my junior year at the University of Florida and I am also training alongside my gator teammates as we prepare for the upcoming college gymnastics season.

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