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Article: Nia × Sylvia P | In Your Element

Nia × Sylvia P | In Your Element

Nia is back with a sophomore effort to her stunning debut collection with Sylvia P. Inspired by the elements and referencing astrology and the zodiac, this range will have you feeling in your element while being unapologetically you.

Designed to feel personal to you, each Leo has been separated into four elements (if you look closely you might even spot some hidden astrological signs throughout!) and with an elegant combination of colour and design, the message of empowerment, passion—and being in your element—truly stands out. 

“Astrology definitely inspired this collection. I know we all can relate to zodiac signs and how they’re personal to you and your interests. I wanted to bring personal excitement towards a leotard that was specially created for you.” — Nia
“The key message behind this collection is to look within yourself to find the courage to accomplish your goals.” — Nia
If you need some flames to fire you up, then the Determination Leotard is for you. Symbolising the fire element with a stunning ombre print rising through orange, coral, red, yellow and pink hues, this should be all the fuel you need to light yourself up and chase your dreams. A scooped neckline and fixed shoulder straps open into contrast-coloured criss-cross back straps, with a pink and red glitter sequin design scattering from the side for a hint of sparkle. 
Inspired by tropical islands, trees and forests, the Down to Earth Leotard could only represent the earth element—just look at the panelled design featuring a dazzling mystique lower and printed upper in rich green hues. Styled in a halter neckline shape with fuller coverage on the front, see if you can find the three zodiac earth signs hidden in this print, all signs sharing a deep connection to the earth, grounded and stable as a rock—and probably just as immovable when they want!Flowing through a wave of deep blue hues that bubble and fizz, the Water Oasis Leotard was inspired by the free-flowing pull of water, always moving and constantly changing. Representing the water element, the scooped halter-styled neckline, with a back clasp for easy opening and crisscross straps, makes movement just as free-flowing and easy while ensuring everything stays in place. If you long for the ocean, saltwater breezes, or lazy dips down by the river, you’ll feel a connection with this leo too.Inspired by butterfly wings symbolising the air element, the Feel Free Leotard projects growth and transformation, floating through the sky. Styled in a V-neckline shape with twisted contrast colour back straps that mimic butterfly wings, the free-flowing print glitters like a wing in lilac, purple and blue tones with sprinkles of white. Air signs are known as great communicators, something in common with Nia and her message of empowerment and feeling in your element. And why is this message important to share?
“... because we’re trained to find validation from others, when we have all the validation, confidence, strength, and courage we need to be happy.” — Nia

Whatever your sign or whatever element you align with—that’s a message everyone should hear. 


Get ready to be unapologetically you—and happy. Nia × Sylvia P is LIVE NOW.

Want to hear more from Nia herself? Check out our interview with her here.

Limited edition styles. Available exclusively online at and

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