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Article: Maggie × Sylvia P | Maggie's World

Maggie × Sylvia P | Maggie's World

Welcome back to Maggie’s World, where we sat down and chatted about her fourth Sylvia P collection, positivity, summer camps—and what’s next in the New Year.

In your own words, tell us a bit about your new Maggie × Sylvia P collection:

My new Sylvia P collection is the definition of good vibes! With all of the fun designs and bright colours it exemplifies happiness, fun, and pizzazz! I am absolutely in love with how all the leotards turned out. A few are fun and energetic but also include elegance as well.What inspires you when thinking of a collection?

When thinking of each collection, I always strive to design leotards that will make the girls feel confident, fierce, joyful, and positive. I love to incorporate a lot of fun colors while also incorporating very elegant designs. I am also always inspired to have very fun backs of the leotards because when I was a gymnast, I always loved having different designs on the back of my leotards. Sylvia P always makes my designs come to life better than I could ever imagine.This collection inspires me because it reminds me of being confident and having fun while doing the sport that you love. I think each leotard tells its own story and has a lot of energy in each one! This collection brings a lot of positive energy, and I hope that these leotards bring out good vibes to each of the girls wearing them.

What do “good vibes” mean to you?

In my opinion, good vibes means positive feelings given off by a person, place or thing—and in this case, positive vibes given off by the leotards and the fun designs. I wanted this collection to be about positive vibes because I think being positive and spreading positivity wherever you go really impacts people's lives. I always strive to be a positive influence in everyone's life around me, so I wanted these leotards to exemplify that.

What are your top three tips to promote “good vibes”?

  1. Helping those around you in a positive way. Being a good friend and teammate to everyone.
  2. Be the loudest supporter in the gym.
  3. Being kind to everyone!!

You’ve spent a lot of time on summer camps coaching this year—what do you enjoy about coaching?

I love coaching camps. I enjoy it because I love seeing gymnasts grow in the sport they love, and I love seeing the girls having so much fun with their friends while working super hard to achieve their goals. And to be a part of their process is such an honor and I love helping the girls in any way that I can!|

What do the camp participants teach you?

Teaching at various camps teaches me many different things By coaching these camps, I’ve learned how to help gymnasts unlock their full potential! I always strive to build a great relationship with each of the girls and learn how they like to be coached because everyone is so different, and I always try to really get to know them so I can coach them the way they’ll be the most successful and grow in their sport.

And how do you bring the “good vibes” to these camps?

I always strive to have a positive face and bring a lot of happiness to the camps. I know that a lot of girls can be homesick and or not have a lot of friends with them so I always try to be everyone's friend and bring as much happiness as I can to the camps. I always love to bring positive energy and positive vibes in every way that I can to make sure each girl feels safe, and happy!

Positivity, belief, being brave and being kind, are messages we’ve seen throughout your collections with Sylvia P—can you tell us a little more about what these mean to you?

They’re messages throughout my collection because they’re things I’ve always had a passion for throughout my life and gymnastics career. Positivity was something super important to me because I went through many hardships throughout my gymnastics career, and being a positive teammate and person has always helped me overcome hard times. 

Belief is very important to me as well because when you set high goals for yourself, you must believe in yourself and know you can achieve it if you put your mind to it. 

Being brave is another big thing in my life because gymnastics can be a challenging sport, but by being brave and believing in yourself, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. 

Being kind is super important to me. Everyone is fighting their battles and going through something different, and everyone needs a positive and kind person in their life. I think it’s so important to be kind to those around you no matter the circumstance because it can help them overcome the obstacles they’re facing.This is now your fourth (4th!) collection with Sylvia P? What are some highlights over the last few years with Sylvia P?

Being an ambassador for four collections has been an absolute dream come true. I remember when I was a young girl wearing various gymnast leotards and always dreaming of having my own leotard line one day—and for Sylvia P to make my dreams come true has been an absolutely incredible experience.

I have learned so much throughout these last four collections and have had the absolute best time of my life. Sylvia P is one of the best leotard companies there is, and to be a part of this AMAZING company is indescribable. I can't thank Sylvia P enough for everything they’ve helped me with and for making my designs and my DREAMS come to life.

So moving into the New Year, what’s the plan for Maggie?

I am so excited to move into the new year! I have many things that I’m working on, including my competition series, my nonprofit organization, my book, and many speaking engagements. I am also in classes to become a personal trainer and certified nutrition coach. I've always had a passion for fitness, so I am so excited to become a personal trainer here soon.

Grab some Good Vibes Only now—Maggie × Sylvia P is live and available here.

Read more Maggie's collection here. Read about her previous collections here.

Limited edition styles. Available exclusively online at and  

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