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Article: Aly × Sylvia P | Love of Nature

Aly × Sylvia P | Love of Nature

With splashes of watercolour, garden-inspired prints, and bold hues resembling the sky and sunshine, the new Aly × Sylvia P collection gives SP girls the freedom to take on their gymnastics journey with confidence and fun.

We chat more with Aly about her love of nature and colouful creative vision, with a sprinkle of advice for young gymnasts and SP girls.

Tell us a bit about your new Aly × Sylvia P collection, and what it’s inspired by:
This collection is inspired by the beautiful colours in nature and having fun. Colour is fun because it can help show our mood and what we are feeling. I think colours can also show a lot of confidence and it's fun to try new colours and styles.
Why does nature inspire you?
I love nature because I feel so present and it allows me to take a pause and appreciate the beauty around me.
How do you stay connected to nature?
I love gardening. I garden almost every day.
Do you have any favourite plants in the garden?
My favorite plants in my garden are cucumbers and sunflowers! I love cooking with the cucumbers or juicing them. Sunflowers are beautiful and I love watching them grow.
Did nature have an impact on your gymnastics journey?
I used to enjoy sitting outside before and after practice. The fresh air and sunshine on my face helped relax me and give me a moment to reflect.
Any other tips on reflection or mindfulness?
Take time for yourself. A few things that help me are writing in my journal, reading, taking a bath, listening to calming music, getting fresh air, going for a walk, seeing a therapist.
How would you recommend gymnasts connect more with nature?
Go outside and see what you’re drawn to. Unplug from technology and see what happens!
What piece of advice would you give to gymnasts who are currently growing in their gymnastics career?
Take time for yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing the best you can and your best is good enough. Prioritise time for yourself and find other things outside of gymnastics you love to do.
What do you love most about your new collection?
I love the bright colours and finding these colours in nature. I personally don’t recall seeing a yellow leotard so I’m excited because it’s very unique.
Did you know Sylvia's first leotard she made (in her living room!) was yellow?
I didn’t. That’s very cool and I’m glad we are incorporating yellow into this collection because it’s so fun and beautiful.
Which leotard design from this collection is your favourite and why?
It's hard to pick my favorite. I think the purple leotard is my favourite. I wish I could’ve worn it when I trained!
Explore the Aly × Sylvia P collection here.

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