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Article: Aly × Sylvia P | In Full Bloom

Aly × Sylvia P | In Full Bloom

Aly × Sylvia P CollectionGet ready to reset, recharge, and relax as we launch into a whole new world of positivity and balance with the Aly × Sylvia P Collection.

In full bloom this collection offers a range of leotards that embody positivity, balance, and joy, both in and out of the gym, this collection reinforces Aly's commitment to mindfulness and self-care.

We chat with Aly about her new collection, the inspiration behind the designs, and she shares her top tips on mindfulness and positivity. Read on for more!

In your own words, tell us a bit about your latest Aly × Sylvia P collection.
My latest Sylvia P collection has a lot of bright colours and is the perfect collection for summer. I also love the material of each of the leotards, they feel so comfortable.
How would you sum up your collection in one sentence?
In true Aly × Sylvia P style, this collection is all about bright colours! 
What was the inspiration behind this collection?
I tried to draw inspiration from the colours in my garden. I love how flowers in nature are so vibrant.
What’s the key message you want to share with this collection, and why is this an important message to share?
To have fun and be present! I think having fun and being present are both so important to living a fulfilling life. I hope that anyone who wears the collections feels joy and confidence.
In your own words, tell us something you love most about each of your leotards:
Zest For Life Leotard - I love how we incorporated lemon trees into this leotard, reminding me of summer and gardening.

Summer Spritz Leotard - I love the colour combination—mixing the bold orange with the hot pink!

Carefree Leotard - I like the ombre design and the material is very soft and comfortable.

Yin and Yang Leotard - I think this is one of my favourite leotards. I love the colours and the simplicity of it. 
Mindfulness, positivity and self-care have been themes you’ve spoken about in your past collections with us—what are your top three tips for finding balance in life in and out of the gym?
1. Find friends outside of the gym.
2. Find hobbies outside of gymnastics.
3. Take time for yourself and get to know who you are outside of gymnastics.
How do you know it’s time to rest?
When my body or mind feels exhausted, I’m conscious of always trying to be present and more aware of how both my mind and body feel.
You’re known for your classic black leotards in the Gymnastics world. Do your training and competition leotards impact your confidence when training and competing? If so, how?
Not only do I love training in a black leotard but competing in a SP black leotard brings me all the confidence. There’s no better feeling than being in a sleek, elegant sparkly black leotard.
What does ‘recharging’ look like to you?
Doing a guided meditation, snuggling with Mylo (my gorgeous dog), gardening, taking a bath and reading.
With your collection having a Summer influence full of bright colours and fun prints—describe your ultimate summer vacation.
An Italian getaway with friends and family. Can you tell The Zest for Life Leotard has an Amalfi Coast influence?
What’s your favourite part of collaborating on these designs?
I love experimenting with fun and new bright colours. I also love how comfortable the leotard materials are.
This is now your fourth (4th!) collection with Sylvia P—what are some highlights over the last few years with Sylvia P?
I love meeting the athletes and models that come to set. It’s so fun to spend the day with them and watch them get more confident and comfortable as the day goes on. It’s great to see them make new friends too.

And lastly, what’s coming up for Aly Raisman in the next few months?  

I’m looking forward to summer. It’s my favourite time of year. I’m excited to spend a lot of time with the people closest to me.

Aly × Sylvia P CollectionExplore the latest Aly × Sylvia P Collection, available exclusively online and live NOW.

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