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Article: Aly × Sylvia P | Being Yourself

Aly × Sylvia P | Being Yourself

Inspired by Summer Camps, calm colours and bold designs, Aly’s latest collection combines style and comfort—while highlighting the importance of being yourself and having fun.

We chat with Aly about her new collection, where she shares advice on embracing your gymnastics journey with confidence and self-expression. Read on for more!

In your own words, can you tell us a bit about your new Aly × Sylvia P collection?
This Sylvia P collection is really fun. I am excited for gymnasts to see the collection because I think it’s different from what Sylvia P and I have done before.
What inspired this collection?
Summer camp inspired this collection. I was inspired by their joy in the gym. The gymnasts loved the tie-dye style, so I decided to incorporate it into a leotard. I love the way the collection looks. It makes me smile when I look at it.
What’s the key message behind this collection you wanted to get across?
I always want whoever wears my leotard collection to feel like themselves and feel comfortable. I hope the collection makes gymnasts feel confident and they also have fun.
Why is this message so important for you to share?
Gymnastics is a great sport, but it is also very challenging. It requires a lot of hard work, a lot of setbacks with lots of up and downs. Life is never perfect, and I know gymnasts can often put so much pressure on themselves. So I hope this collection is a reminder of the importance of being yourself, letting loose and having fun.
In your collection, you have a leotard that fits every age group—how and why is it important to have a total age range of designs and prints?
I believe that everyone should wear whatever makes them feel comfortable. No matter your age, I hope you find these leotards to be fun and you’re excited to wear them!
How important is colour when you came to designing this collection of leotards?
I loved training in bright colours. It made me feel confident!
What are your top three tips for prioritising goals and kickstarting a new year?
  1. Be yourself
  2. Do what makes you feel happy
  3. Find things that make you feel calm
What parts of your mindset are you rethinking this year, and why?
I am personally trying to be less hard on myself. Easier said than done.
You’ve done a lot of work with kids and gymnastics training camps—what is it about these camps you love being a part of?
I enjoy working with kids and gymnasts. It’s inspiring to see how much they love practising and I love watching them make new friends and memories.
Mindfulness, positivity and self-care have been themes you’ve spoken about in your past two collections with us—how would you explain these concepts to young kids who might not understand mindfulness?
I think mindfulness is about being present in the moment. Not thinking about the past or future, but being right here in the moment.
How do you practice mindfulness or self-care?
I try to do things that bring me a sense of calm, like reading, stretching, walking outside, spending time with my dog, Mylo, and gardening.
And lastly—what’s on the horizon for Aly Raisman this upcoming year?
I am excited to try new things and learn more.
Shop the new Aly × Sylvia P collection here.

Want to see more of Aly’s collection? Discover more here

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